Why Would Casinos Change Blackjack Rules?

Who profits from altering blackjack rules?

The before all else thing that you want to remember in which blackjack decree affects are worried is they are never initiated from the participant’s greatest interests. In case a casino believes the necessity to alter the rules of blackjack it’s because they aren’t winning as many as they would like. A rules change is never, ever in the player’s favor.

When blackjack began it was essentially played with one deck of 52 cards, just the way it is played in the online casino today, and the player options were very limited. You could hit, you could stand, and that was about it. Typically, the dealer kept dealing until almost all the cards in the deck were used up.

That worked great until someone somewhere figured out that if you learned a way to remember how many cards of each kind were left in the deck, you could really improve your chances to win. Presto! Card counting was born, and it forever changed the way both casinos and players approached blackjack.

The Top Five Misplayed Hands In Online Blackjack

Almost every decree change that has been enacted in blackjack has been an effort to counter the card counters, if you will. You see, blackjack is only useful to the casino if it is profitable. The house must maintain an edge or there is no point in having the game. Blackjack, even in its most basic form, has always offered the house one of the lowest edges of all modern table games, so it is especially crucial for the casino to protect that edge at all costs.

Hitting the soft 17-the casinos strike back

For a long time the casinos were at a loss about what to do with card counters. Their original scheme was to catch them in the act (or even just accuse them of counting when they won big), take them to a windowless room, and beat them senseless. This happened often in the old days of Las Vegas. As stories began to circulate about the casinos’ ways of handling a card counter along with the protagonist existence that was evident in Las Vegas started to be pushed to the shadows in favour of gaming companies having a much better standing, the casinos recognized heavy-handed approaches were no longer workable. They had to devise a better method.

By the late 1970’s and early 1980’s items were beginning to warm in Atlantic City. Card counters flocked into the new gambling mecca keen to choose the newest casinos into the cleaners. It worked, also, for some time until renowned blackjack player Ken Uston clobbered that the New Jersey casinos for countless benefits. Some quote that Uston created a few million dollars. This abandoned the gaming commission at a pickle. They had been getting defeated. Worse, they had been becoming embarrassed. Unwilling to choose the method of this Las Vegas heavies, Atlantic City instituted the now-famous soft 17 decree. This decree did was need that the dealer to hit on a soft 17. Formerly, the trader was needed to stand on all totals of 17. The theory behind the decree change was supposed to provide the trader a free card once they’d A-6. It’s not possible to bust a gentle hands, and lots of times the trader could draw on a 2, 3, or even 4 to boost their hands considerably.

This decree change was successful for some time before the card counters started to create new strategies to fundamental scheme when this scenario happened. Nowadays, most educated card counters think that the soft 17 decree really reduces the house edge rather than increasing it.

You’re conquer, so just stop

Another favorite blackjack decree change compounded from the casino has been that the debut of surrender for a participant option. In surrender, a participant could forfeit half of the original bet if they think they have a bad prospect of beating the dealer. Surrender can simply be achieved before the participant receives extra cards. You’re likely to observe a participant use it whenever they have 15 or 16 and the dealer has a 10 revealing.

The thought was to essentially collect half a participant’s wager for nothing! The casino is prepared to purchase you from a hand, exactly enjoy the banker does about the favorite series Deal or No Deal, but that you aren’t getting everything. You’re still losing half of your bet and the casino doesn’t actually need to work for this!

Once more, the casino neglected to recognize smart players would have the ability to amend standard scheme and really turn the impulse option to an improvement. When used correctly, surrender can in fact work to the participant’s prefer.

Blackjack is a growing game

As long as there are casinos as long as you can find card counter, the game of blackjack will probably go on to evolve. The casinos will continue trying decree changes they think maintain the home advantage, and clever blackjack players will continue figuring out ways to correct and maintain their benefits . To play blackjack for real cash we advise that you attempt one of those trusted and recommended casinos or play with our free blackjack game.


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