Where Is Blackjack Legal In The US?

An Overview of Online Gambling at the US

The reality is that things which has to be debated in state legislatures or in the hallways of the US Congress are not straightforward to solve. It always sounds like there’s wrangling back and forth medially parties which have vested interests in either side of a problem. Government officials earn big cash from lobbyists who wish to cover their interests are placed before all else.

With online gambling it’s not any different. You own a camp that states online gambling is a great source of revenue for countries. You’ve got another camp which opposes online gambling only because they think it’ll remove revenue from live casinos. Backing every one of the remarks is particular interest cash that flows to the campaign funds of selected officials. Therefore, nothing about government is simple.

Online gambling isn’t specifically prohibited by US law. What is banned by the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 is your acceptance of cash for the aims of online gambling. Notice how this works? You are able to gamble online and play blackjack theory, however you also can’t make a deposit of money or cash any out. It’s a very effective Catch-22 that has effectively stopped online blackjack and other gambling games from being permitted in the US.

If you search online about the legality of online gambling in the US you’ll come across a lot of websites that push the idea that playing online casino games for real money isn’t actually breaking regulations. This doesn’t matter. Payment processors like Visa and MasterCard are not going to touch it with a ten-foot pole until there is specif legislation that says it is legal. That is the argumentation for the delay.

We’re going to distill it down and cut to the chase. Basically the federal government has left it up to the states to determine whether they want to allow online blackjack, online craps, and other casino games. The before all else states to jump on the bandwagon for online gambling games were, predictably, Nevada and New Jersey. Other states have started to follow suit.

Where Is Blackjack Legal In The US?

Let’s take a look at some states in the US to determine where they currently stand on online blackjack and online gambling. Please check back from time to time as we will update these listings when necessary. What we are going to do is list the states that currently allow online gaming. This is a many easier list to manage.

States That Offer Legal Online Blackjack and Casino Games (2019)

  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Delaware
Where Is Blackjack Legal In The US?

States That Offer Legal Online Poker (2019)

  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Nevada
  • Delaware

States That Offer Legal Online Sportsbooks (2019)

  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • West Virginia
  • Rhode Island

As you can see from this list, New Jersey and Pennsylvania are the most progressive states where online gambling is concerned. These states have realized how beneficial the revenue from online gambling can be to the state.

It should not come as a surprise that Nevada doesn’t actually would like you to play with online blackjack. There’s too many cash made by live casinos at the country. Individuals like Sheldon Adelson bring a great deal of money to political attempts to stop lawmakers from earning online casinos lawful.

Are Other States Considering Legalizing Online Blackjack at the US? (2019)

There are lots of different countries which are considering legalizing online gambling in the US. These comprise:

  • New York
  • Indiana
  • Michigan

By the equal token there are several countries where It’s More Probable that hell will probably freeze over before online gambling is allowed:

  • Hawaii
  • Alaska

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